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Not only should people with cracked feet clean their feet at night, but everyone should. This helps in preventing cracked feet, as the dust particles are removed due to this cleaning. Before going to bed, moisturize your feet by applying a thick layer of moisturizing cream or lotion on them. Make sure you do not expose your feet to dirt, grime, wind and sunlight. They are the biggest enemies of the feet. Walking barefoot is a strict ‘no no’. A pedicure once a month will make your feet very happy. I started by trying each of them, one by one, and following the directions religiously for about 2 weeks straight.

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Both athlete’s foot and cracked heels can cause secondary bacterial infections such as cellulitis, especially if the fissures are deep enough to cause bleeding. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk for developing a foot ulcer, which can cause bone infection. Left untreated, a diabetic foot ulcer can lead to loss of limb. Contact your physician immediately if your cracked, itchy feet are causing pain or difficulty walking. A study by researchers Carol B. Feldman and Ellen D. Davis clearly tells us why a diabetic with neuropathic complications Рotherwise known as diabetic foot Рshould use diabetic socks.foot hard skin pain

Winter winds and low humidity are also hard on your hair, and using a rich, deep hair conditioner is important to restore moisture to your hair. Baking Soda – can be used as a deodorant, bath powder, or tooth whitener. Mixed with water, it helps remove residues from hairstyling products, making your hair clean and shiny. Citrus Fruit – contains citric acid, which kills bacteria on the skin. Also, the fresh scent is a known energizer. Rinse your hair with lemon juice mixed with water when you hair is dull and tired.

16.Never perform bathroom surgery on your corns and calluses. Also, never use those over-the-counter corn removers; the acid plaster in these products does not know when to stop and can cause nasty sores and infections! 18.Toe stretching exercises can be very helpful after taking off your shoes. This helps increase the circulation to the poor little tootsies that are cramped in your shoes. 19.Stretch your Achilles tendon and calf muscles at least every day if not twice a day. Regular stretching can help combat the shortening of the Achilles tendon that occurs from chronic wearing of high heel shoes. This shortening can lead to tendonitis and heel pain!

I’ve been diabetic since I was four years old. I first went to my GP about my feet in August 2006 after a new pair of shoes caused blisters on both my little toes. I had the blisters dressed daily for two weeks by my GP practice nurse and also visited A&E because I was so worried about them. In this condition, rashes and broken skin occur in which one can see the underlying tissues. Most of the skin ulcers develop on feet or on lower legs. The cut skin heals naturally but on a diabetic, it might develop into wound called as a foot ulcer.foot hard skin remover boots